Galaxy S9 Screen Protector

The Purity Screen Protector is made of high quality 9H tempered glass and offers full edge-to-edge protection. The Purity Screen Protector comes with our Simple Align frame, making it easy to apply without air bubbles.


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Ultimate Protection
Made of high-quality Japanese tempered glass (9H) for sturdiness and clarity, the Purity Screen protector is a good partner for your Samsung S9 and is effective in protecting it from unavoidable dirt, dust and scratches.

High Response & Transparency
With a thickness of only 0.3 mm and a transparency of 99% you feel almost nothing on the screen and you retain the original display quality and high touch sensitivity.

Easy to install
The Purity Screen protector fits seamlessly with the rounded edges of the screen of your phone. You can apply it without air bubbles, and without pimping at the edges with the help of the included Simple Align frame, very simply and so precisely that you forget something is on the screen.


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